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Golf Course Reforestation

Reforestation Program

Mt. Hawley Country Club takes great pride in its diverse stand of trees. Oak, maple, hickory, elm, sycamore, and many other native species are found across the 100 year old property. Over the years, many trees have aged out or have been effected by disease and insects. Emerald Ash Borer effecting the population of green ash has been the most prominent in recent years. Around 200 trees were removed due to this pest. Now Mt. Hawley Country Club and its members are taking action by planting new trees and new species through the Reforestation Program.

The Reforestation Program was created to give members a way to purchase trees for planting across the property along with the option to memorialize the tree with a bronze commemorative plaque. The program has since been updated to make the process of purchasing trees easier. All tree species and planting locations were identified through collaboration of the Golf Course Superintendent and certified Arborists.

Members can make a positive impact today by placing an order and adding to our beautiful stand of trees.

Complete the order form below and return to Spencer Smith at [email protected] or to the main office in the clubhouse. Once the form is received Spencer will contact you with planting details. All tree planting is done in the Fall or the Spring. 

For more information contact Spencer Smith at

Tree Order Form

The Reforestation Map of available planting locations may be found below.
Green Stars = Already Claimed Planting Locations
Yellow Stars = Available Planting Locations

For more information contact Spencer Smith at

Reforestation Map

There are tree planting locations available on each hole on the course and multiple tree species to pick from. In the document below you will see which locations are open and what trees will thrive there. Green boxs indicate which planting sites and which tree species are available. Gray boxes indicate that the location is reserved. Location 1-1 indicates Hole 1, Planting Site 1. 

For more information contact Spencer Smith at s[email protected]

Tree Location Availbility

Not sure which tree species to choose? Checck out the document below for pictures and descriptions of the trees specifically selected to thrive at Mt. Hawley.

For more information contact Spencer Smith at s[email protected]

Tree Pictures and Descriptions